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Ultramega Ok! recordings! 8-18...

ゆうゆ - Yume Nikki - white pool
Just Coffee - Undertale - Sunny Day Drive
Rozovian - Secret of Mana - Frozen Rose
WillRock - Super Mario Bros 3 - Raccoon Rhapsody
LongBoxofChocolate - Undertale - Nanny Goatmom's Purple Puzzle Basement

And 8-25...

Blake Inc. - Final Fantasy IX - Our Darkest Dreams
コルソン - Undertale - TRUE HERO ~Memory of Justice~
Paul Hadame - Donkey Kong Country - Aqua Wave
Detective Tuesday, DrumUltimA - Undertale - That's Not Funny
NoTuX - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - Plastic Smile

I forgot how weird Plastic Smile was. 9-1-17...

Ben Wallace - Undertale - [REDACTED]
Careless Juja - Assassin's Creed - This Joke's On You
dabedaab - Mario Paint - Pickin' Colors
String Player Gamer - Undertale - Alphys

I actually lost the first few minutes of this one, which is kind of annoying. Pickin Colors is great though. 9-8...

hapi⇒ - Undertale - Like The Trombone
prophetik - Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Animal Counterpoint
harjawaldar - Heroes of Might and Magic 2 - Un Lamento nella Notte
League of Legends - Worlds Collide (feat. Nicki Taylor)
amane - Yoshi's Story - A glass of port

I actually messed up and mixed up Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story, oops. Like the Trombone is so goofy, haha.

I really should be posting these more often aaaa. I just keep forgetting or it just falls to the wayside.

It's been hard to find the motivation to work on things, or when I actually DO finish things, it doesn't feel like they actually got done, if that makes sense? There's always this incomplete feeling. But I haven't been getting much sleep lately, which might be part of it.

Lately been thinking about Ghosts again, I can never really predict it. I went and asked on the SSP forums about a word wrap a while ago since I was at my wit's end, and I got a response saying they were actually working on it! Which is the ideal scenario, since Alex told me that it'd be essentially impossible to do client-side, which was discouraging. Supposedly it'll roll out with the next SSP update, whenever that is, but still! It does mean I can set that challenge aside as something I don't really have to wrestle with anymore.

Radic and Farns are still in-progress, I was doing their menus mostly but again it can be so tedious to do. I'm still not sure what to do with Farns's menu! Radic has a fairly extensive menu where he'll talk about his Pokemon or you can ask him questions about himself, but I'm not really sure what to do with Farns's... I was thinking maybe he'd help you with type match-ups or something, but that might be kind of pointless. Dang, I never posted some caps of them, did I? I should do that, haha.

Some new things I'm playing with )

So anyway my mind kept wandering to OTHER Ghosts I could make, like I need more unfinished time-intensive projects no one cares about to get lost in. Mostly I was thinking about a Gaster ghost, and setting up sort of a "trust" system with him, where depending on how you treat him, conversations with him and other things would change. If you kept punching him repeatedly for example, it'd move you into a "cruel" type setting, where menu options would change, he'd stop talking to you, you'd pick him up differently, things like that. Or if you kept petting him or trying to be nice to him, he'd eventually warm up to you and talk more and you'd pick him up more gently. I'd like there to be some way you could call the brothers up as well, though man the work that'd involve, yeesh. It's a lot more fun to speculate about Ghosts than to actually sit down and do the work, though that's really the case with pretty much any creative project, haha.

I should probably post recent Handplates pages but I feel like I'm really going to tl;dr about recent ones and I don't have the energy right now, haha. Maybe later.


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